MinnKota MKP 33 Replacement Prop 2331160 Weedless Wedge 2


(as of 11/19/2017 at 13:49 UTC)

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Weedless Wedge™ 2 Props (MKP-33)Minn Kota®s exclusive prop is the only of its kind that is 100 percent weedless. Unique design features swept-back and flared blades to "wedge" weeds away while conserving battery power. Moves through heavy vegetation even at slow speeds.Motor Diameter:   4"Prop Nut Kit:        "E" Fits Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix "WW"TERROVA 80 TERROVA 80/US2 TERROVA 80/AP TERROVA 80/AP/US2 TERROVA 101 TERROVA 101/US2 TERROVA 101/AP TERROVA 101/AP/US2 MAX 80 MAX 80/BG /US2 MAX 80/US MAX 80/H/3X MAX 101 MAX 101/US MAX 101/h MAX 101/H/3X MAX PRO 80 MAX PRO 80/BG /US2 MAX PRO 80/US MAX PRO 101 MAX PRO 101/BG /US2 MAX PRO 101/US MAX 80T MAX 80/H 80PD 80PD/AP 80PD/US 80PD/AP/US VECTOR 80/3X VECTOR 101/3X VANTAGE 80 VANTAGE 101 RT80/ST /CP RT80/ST/CP/AP RT101/ST/CP/AP RT PRO 80 RT PRO 101 RT80/SM/L&D RT80/SM/BG RT80SM/BG/3X RT80/SM/L&D/3X RT101/SM/BG RT101/SM/BG/3X RT80/B RT80/B/L&D RT80/B/3X RT80/B/L&D/3X RT80/S RT80/S/3X RT101/B RT101/B/3X RT 101/S RT101/S/3X RT80/AP MK80EM MK101EM MK160EM MK202EM RT 80EM RT 101EM RT 160EM RT 202EM RT101/SF RT80/SF FORTREX 101/US2 FORTREX 101 FORTREX 80/US2 FORTREX 80 TRAXXIS 80 Product : MINN KOTA MKP-33 PROP 233-1160 WEEDLESS WEDGE 2 Manufacturer : MINN KOTA Manufacturer Part No : 1865018 UPC : 029402022304


  • Includes 1 prop
  • Swept back and Flared blades give improved performance over original Weedless Wedge
  • Improved efficiency through vegetation at any speed
  • 2 sizes to choose from