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Kipawa 400 – Weedless High Performance Propeller for Minn Kota Motors


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Specializing in high performance propellers designed for electric trolling motors.
These propellers are designed for electric trolling motors that afford anglers/boaters a more enjoyable and convenient fishing/boating experience.

Kipawa Propellers are best used with:
Bass Boats, Canoes, Jon Boats, Buddy Boats, Small Watercraft

Kipawa propellers are made with nylon and a fiberglass composite for Strength, Durability and Quality.

Qualities and Advantages:
Improves navigability
Increases the area of the water covered
Ability to move the craft in windy conditions
More distance traveled per battery charge
Greater power
Increases speed
Improves safety
Provides the ability to hold watercraft steady in currents
99% weed free

The Kipawa Propellers are designed for long range bodies of water, weedless or semi-weedless and weather conditions (windy days). 
This will give you an advantage over other anglers/boaters.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

Fits These MINN KOTA Motor Models:

595W, 595M, 599W, 599M, 795M, 795MX, 799M, 799MX, 3HPS/SBM, RT3.1/B, RT4.3/B, 3.1HP/B, 4.3HP/B, 95W, 95M, 99W, 99M, 3HP, 3HPS/STM, 395W, 395M, 399W, 399M, RT70/S,RT74AP, RT74/S,RT74/S/3X, RT74/B/BG/3X, RT74/B/H,D/3X, 55EX, 70EX, RT55/B, RT70/B, RT74/B, 55AT/H, 70AT/H, 70T/H, 74PD/AP, 74PD/AP-US, 4HP, RT3.1/S, RT43/S, 3.1HP/S, 43HP/S, 64AP, 64PD, 62PD/AP, VANTAGE74, MAX74&74/H, MAX55/55BT, MAX74T/74BT,MAX74/H/3X, VECTOR74/3X, MAX74, MAX74/US, GENESIS 74, GENESIS 74/AP, GENESIS 74AP/US, MAG SERIES 36MTM, 4HP, 36WRM, 36MRM, 40WRM, 40MRM, 36W, 36M, 40W, 40M, 736MX, 740MX

We have 7 Kipawa propeller models to fit over one hundred motors.
If you don't see your motor listed please check out our other propellers to find the right one.


  • 99% Weed Free.
  • Greater power and increased speed.
  • Better boat handling for windy conditions and currents.
  • More distance traveled per battery charge.
  • High-Performance Patented Product.