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Kipawa 358 – Weedless High Performance Propeller for Minn Kota Motors


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Specializing in high performance propellers designed for electric trolling motors.
These propellers are designed for electric trolling motors that afford anglers/boaters a more enjoyable and convenient fishing/boating experience.

Kipawa propellers are made with nylon and a fiberglass composite for Strength, Durability and Quality.

The Kipawa Propellers are designed for long range bodies of water, weedless or semi-weedless and weather conditions (windy days). 
This will give you an advantage over other anglers/boaters.

Qualities and Advantages:
Improves navigability
99% weed free
Greater power
Increases speed
Improves safety

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

Fits MINN KOTA 2004 and OLDER Motor Models:

90T, 112, 112S/S, 312, 324, 512, 524, 412, 42AT, 48AT, 50AT, 712, 712S/S, 724, 724S/S, 812, 824, 42EX, RT42/AP/C, RT48/AP/C, RT42/S, RT50/SC, RT55/S,RT55/B/H, RT55/B/SC/l&D, RT55/B/L&D/3X, RT55/B/BG/3X, RT55/SC/H,RT55/AP, RT65/S, RT65/B, RT65/AP,RT65/B/SC/L&D/3X, RT48/AP, 42PD/C, 42AT/H, 48AT/H, 42PD/AP/C, 48PD/AP/C, 50PD, 55PD, 65PD, 65PD-US, 55AP, 65AP, 65PD/AP, 55PD/AP,55PD-US, 55AT, 55AT/H, 55AP/US, 65AP/US, RT50/S, RT50/SC, EP48/65/96/130, SPIDER48, CAMO44, WATERFOWL TXL, 90TXL, ENDURA, 42/44/46/50, VANTAGE50, VANTAGE 55, POWERMAX 47/52, MAX50T, MAX 55, MAX 55BT, MAX 55H, MAX55/SC, MAX55/SC/H/3X,MAX55T, MAX65T, 55MAX44&44/H, MAX54&54/H, MAX44T/44BT, MAX50/SC, MAX65/65H, MAX65/H/3X, MAX65/SC, MAX65/US, MAX50/50BT, MAX65BT, MAX50/SC/US, ENDURA55, ENDURAPRO46, 50AT, GENESIS 55, GENESIS 55/AP, GENESIS 55AP/US, NEPTUNE: EP48, EP65, EP96, EP130, 54PDPONTOON, 64PDPONTOON, VECTOR46, VECTOR55, VECTOR55/3X, VECTOR65, VECTOR65/3X

We have 7 Kipawa propeller models to fit over one hundred motors.
If you don't see your motor listed please check out our other propellers to find the right one.


  • 99% Weed Free.
  • Greater power and increased speed.
  • Better boat handling for windy conditions and currents.
  • More distance traveled per battery charge.
  • High-Performance Patented Product.