Minn Kota Maxxum / Edge / All-Terrain Pedal Switch MOM/OFF/CON #2254031


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Minn Kota Maxxum/Edge/All Terrain Pedal Switch, MOM/OFF/CON #2254031


  • Minn Kota Maxxum/Edge/All Terrain Pedal Switch
  • Momentary, Off, Continuous

Minn Kota Maxxum / Edge / All-Terrain Pedal Switch Mom/Off/Con

Instructions Show Replacement of Momentary Switch on Minn Kota Cable Remote Motors Control

INSTRUCTIONS Momentary Switch Replacement – PDF

The following instructions show replacement of momentary switch on Minn Kota cable remote motors control
motors; excluding variable speed, motors manufactured after 2005. Models that use this switch include Edge, All
Terrain, and Maxxum.

Tools required: #2 Phillips screwdriver, 5/16” open end/box end wrench.

Warning: The motor should be disconnected from power and the MOM/OFF/CON switch should be in the OFF
position throughout this process to prevent the risk of electric shock.

To Remove the switch remove the two 5/16” nuts from the two machine screws that hold the switch in place.
Hold the machine screws with the small Phillips screwdriver or your finger while using the 5/16” wrench to remove
the nuts. With the nuts removed the machine screws can be removed, with the screws removed the
switch can be moved so you can access the screws that connect the wire terminals to the switch.
Use the number 2 Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the wire terminals to switch, once loosened
the wire terminals will slide out from under the heads of the screws.

Note: The new replacement switch does not use a rubber boot; if the old switch had a rubber boot does not attempt
to reuse it as it will cause the new switch to malfunction.

Loosen the screws on the new switch 4 or 5 turns. Slide the wire terminals under the screws, the wire
terminals should be between the switch body and the washers attached to the screw heads. Tighten the
screws to hold the wire terminals securely in place.

Position the switch in the foot pedal and align the holes in the switch with the slots for the machine screws. Insert the machine screws into the slots and through the switch. Install the nuts onto the machine screws and tighten the nuts securely with the 5/16” wrench while holding the screws in place with your fingers or a small screwdriver.