Minn Kota Maxxum

The Maxxum model is the electrical trolling motor for you with the ability to go through the waters with a high level of safety. There are numerous other versions, each with their attributes worth looking at, so you have the correct model best suited to your fishing style. The foot pedal is the part of the operation, and you’ll be spending the majority of your time utilising the foot pedal.These electric motors have an established pedigree, and plenty of anglers agree it’s the Maxxum which permits them to slip into fishing hot spots quietly.

Maxxum Mount Bowguard 360° Maxxum Foot Pedal Speed Control Illuminated
Directional Indicator Push-To-Test Battery Meter Weedless Wedge 2 Prop Advantage
Minn Kota 2-Year Warranty

The Maxxum is among the very best bow-mounted motors. Rough conditions or stump fields that are treacherous shouldn’t keep you. The tournament-tested Maxxum Mount ploughs through any barrier. You can rest assured that our mount won’t budge, flex or vibrate when you stow Maxxum.

Take to the water with the all-day robust, tournament-tested power of Maxxum, built for the angler who knows a thing or two about dedication.You’re the first one on the water, and the last one off. Maxxum® is built with that same drive and determination. Both our foot and hand control models feature tournament-tested power and innovative fishing features that were made with one purpose: keeping up with people like you.’ You’re the first one on the water, and the last one off. Maxxum® is built with that same drive and determination.

Bowguard 360°, Breaks away on impact from any direction and automatically resets itself – protecting your motor and your ship so that you can fish without any worry. Additionally, its bearing system eliminates sound, and it’s easily removable. Speed control – This product family offers three different speed control options: Digital maximiser provides up to five times longer run time on a single charge, 5-speed offers five-speed configurations, or 5 fwd/3 revs provide five forwards speed settings & three reverse rate settings.

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